The Economy

on the 1.12.2 Pack Server

Everything you want to know about the server economy, currencies and rewards in one place!

Claim Blocks

Accrued Claim Blocks

By default you collect 120 claim blocks per hour of playtime, capped at 120,000.

Claim Block Power-Ups

  • You can boost this to 180 per hour, capped at 240,000.
  • You can boost this to 240 per hour, capped at 480,000.

Buying and Selling Claim Blocks

  • Purchase additional Claim Blocks at a rate of $50 each:
    /buyblocks number
  • Sell Claim Blocks to the server at a rate of $20 each:
    /sellblocks number

Bonus Claim Blocks

  • Store: you can purchase Bonus Claim Blocks, they have no cap.
  • Discord: activity in our text and voice channels on our Discord Server will earn you 1,000 Bonus Claim Blocks per 5 Discord levels.
  • Voting: Reaching milestones rewards you with large amounts of Bonus Claim Blocks.
  • Contests: You can be rewarded with Bonus Claim Blocks by participating in periodic and seasonal events and winning contests.


Transfer Claim Blocks to another player:

/transferblocks playername number

Transfer the claim you're standing in to another player:

/transferclaim playername

Shops and Currency

Shops are a great way to buy and sell items to other players and the server to earn and spend your in-game money.

  • Visit the Shop Dimension:
    /warp shop
    /warp shops
  • Shop rules apply, read them here.

Buy from Players / Server

Visit one of the many shop plots owned by a player, outside the main building:

  1. Left-click a shop chest with an empty hand
  2. Check the shop info, verify you want this item for the advertised price
  3. Type the amount of items you want to purchase and press enter

Sell to the Server

Visit the upper floor of the main building in the Shop Dimension:

  1. Left-click a shop chest with an empty hand
  2. Check the shop info, verify you you have the listed items with you
  3. Type the amount of items you want to sell and press enter

These offers and their pricing will periodically change, check back frequently!

Sell to Players

  1. Stand on an empty plot and use
  2. Click on the green text in your chat to pay rent for 30 days
  3. Place down a Vanilla or Quark chest
  4. Put a single item in the chest (not a stack)
  5. To sell it for $250, look at the chest and use
    /as create 250
  6. Fill the chest with more of the same item, the stock will go up


Coin Lottery

Every couple of hours, the server blesses online players with an Iron Coin or a Tin Coin.

Coins of a higher tier can be found in Gold Chests spread across the surface of the overworld. They are rare, but a lot more rewarding.

Redeeming Coins

Hold your coin(s) in your hand and use the command:


Coin Loot table

Chance Redeem Effect
5% Coin is transformed to the next tier (eg. Lead becomes Nickel)
5% Coin is doubled
5% Coin is converted into a Doge Coin (unlucky)
5% 10% 10% 15% 20% 25%
coin-iron 32x Refined Obsidian Ingot 32x Mixed Metal Ingot 16x Diamond 32 Gold Ingot 32x Steel Ingot 32x Iron Ingot
coin-tin 32x End Steel Ingot 32x Vibrant Alloy Ingot 32x Dark Steel Ingot 32x Energetic Alloy Ingot 32x Electrical Steel Ingot 48x Bronze Ingot
coin-aluminum Tier 7 Rocket Tier 5 Rocket 64x Tungsten Ingot 64x Zinc Ingot 64x Meteoric Iron 64x Aluminum Ingot
coin-lead 32x Supremium Essence 48x Superium Ingot 64x Intermedium Ingot 64x Prudentium Ingot 32x Soulium Ingot 64x Tier 1 Crafting Seed
coin-nickel $40,000 $25,000 $15,000 $12,500 $10,000 $7,500
coin-copper Elite Induction Cell 64x Cryo-Stabilized Fluxduct Flux Compressor 4x Powered Spawner 32x Teleportation Core 4x Farming Station
coin-silver 16x Ichor Ingot 32x Void Metal Ingot 8x Rare Treasure 16x Uncommon Treasure 16x Common Treasure 16x Silverwood Sapling
coin-constantan 32x Terrasteel Ingot 32x Gaia Spirit 32x Dragonstone 64x Mana Pearl 64x Manasteel Ingot 64x Livingrock
coin-platinum 32x Knightslime Ingot 64x Platinum Ingot 64x Enderium Ingot 64x Fluxed Electrum Ingot Primordial Pearl 64x Iridium Ore
coin-iridium Dragon Egg -or- $69,420 Quantum Solar Panel ME 16384k Storage Cell ME 4096k Storage Cell 64x Double Compressed Infinity Dust Block Ultimate Induction Cell


Voting Mechanics

When casting a vote, you always obtain all items from the General Loot Table.

Additionally, you roll a number between 1 and 4, which defines the number of additional rewards, rolled from the Common, Uncommon and Rare loot table. You have 60% chance of rolling an entry from the Common Loot Table, 28% chance to roll an entry from the Uncommon Loot Table, and a 12% chance to roll from the Rare table.

Voting Links

Get clickable links to vote in-game:


Or use the following links for your convenience:

Voting Milestones

When you reach specific voting milestones, you're rewarded with a large sum of in-game money and Bonus Claim Blocks for reaching these milestones:

# of Votes Reward
100 $10,000 and 5,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
250 $25,000 and 7,500 Bonus Claim Blocks
500 $30,000 and 10,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
750 $40,000 and 12,500 Bonus Claim Blocks
1000 $50,000 and 15,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
1250 $75,000 and 20,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
1500 $100,000 and 25,000 Bonus Claim Blocks

Voting Rewards

Chance Item(s) or in-game currency
100% $200
100% 3x Common Treasure
100% 1x Diamond

Chance Item(s) or in-game currency
30% 12x Gold Ingot
20% 4x Ender Pearl
20% 4x Diamond
20% 4x Emerald
10% 8x Slime Ball

Chance Item(s) or in-game currency
20% 16x Steel Ingot
20% 16x Paradise Burger
20% 8x Enriched Alloy
10% 8x Dark Steel Ingot
10% 4x Slime Pearl
10% 12x Certus Quartz Ore
5% 8x Reinforced Alloy
5% 32x Fluxed Phyto-Gro

Chance Item(s) or in-game currency
15% 32x Vibrant Alloy Ingot
10% 32x Certus Quartz Ore
10% 4x Iridium Ore
10% 2x Fluxed Electrum Ingot
10% 16x Fluix Crystals
10% 8x Atomic Alloy
10% 1x Ichor
10% 4x End Steel Ingot
5% $5,000
5% 4x Nether Star
1% 4x Void Metal Ingot
1% 1x Ichorium Ingot
1% 1x Elytra
1% 5x Supremium Ingot
1% 16x Enderium Ingot

P2P Ranks

A variety of ranks you can purchase is available to anyone who wishes to elevate their gameplay and support our servers and efforts to bring you countless hours of fun! You can choose between permanent ranks and subscription ranks.


Redeem large one-time use kits, weekly kits or monthly kits full of valuable items!


Receive heaps of in-game Money and bonus Claim Blocks!


Access extra commands such as /workbench, /enderchest, /anvil, /nick, /feed and more!


Unlock extra home slots to save and teleport to all your bases and secret locations with ease!

F2P Ranks

You can buy the light-weight version of real ranks or additional homes with in-game money, giving Free-to-play players the ability to work their way up to a rank! You are allowed to buy these for a different player to bless them with a nice gift.

  • Supporter Light$750,000 (in-game money)

    Comes with all perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game money.

  • VIP Light$1,000,000 (in-game money)

    Comes with all perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game money.

  • MVP Light$1,500,000 (in-game money)

    Comes with all perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game money.

  • 1 extra home$1,000,000 (in-game money)

  • 5 extra homes$4,000,000 (in-game money)

To purchase one of the these ranks with in-game money, submit a support ticket.