Staff Roster

Lantegra Owner Bee-Tee-Emm
Colonist_Deme Manager Sounds like a you problem
Darknife25 Admin ooh, what does this button do?
Goldkitsune Admin Roots keep trees grounded
PlumberryDelight Admin Plum the server Mum
Satvn Moderator The Thaumaturge
Antonio_Toni Moderator can we change this or is it permanent?
RyleighMcKenzie Moderator Lantegra's moral support
ElMarlow Moderator why do I have to give a quote
elitehater28 Moderator I forgot to turn it off and on...
clienthax Founder Cheese

Founded the Haxy's Hideout network over 12 years ago. Clienthax has operated a plethora of modded Minecraft servers, fixed countless bugs in a large number of mods, contributed to the development of Sponge, and assisted with the development of many modpacks from the likes of Voltz, Attack of the B team and Pixelmon, with Mara by their side as co-owner.

Clienthax stepped away in January, 2022 to focus on professional work and allow for more free time.

MaraTheDrider Founder Certified E-Tgirl

Co-founded the Haxy's Hideout network over 12 years ago. with Clienthax by their side as co-owner, Mara operated and grew the network, exploring and hosting many different modpacks over the years.

Mara stepped aside in April, 2024 to focus on personal life.



Position: Helper

Helpers assist other players who have questions about the HaxysHideout community. Helpers also answer questions regarding the server rules, banned items and rank shop, as well as the use of in-game commands.

Helpers are not expected to help teach players how to use certain mods, or to perform Google Searches on behalf of a player, however nothing stops a helper from choosing to do this anyway.

Helpers have no addional permissions over regular players, however, the staff disrespect rule also applies to Helpers, and they do fall under our scrutiny in relation to the expectations of respectful conduct from all staff members.


Position: Staff member

Moderators are staff members who in addition to the tasks of a Helper, also moderate the the community, the in-game server chat, conversations in public Discord channels, and intervene when rule-breaking occurs. Moderators can enforce the rules through kicks, warnings and other temporary punishments including temporary bans.


Position: Senior staff member

Administrators, in addition to the tasks of a Moderator, perform an additional set of administrative tasks. They mentor helpers and moderators, oversee punishments given out by moderators, manage bans and pardons, investigate complaints, technical issues, exploits and respond to support tickets that do not require the attention of a server manager.

Administrators can furthermore stop, start and restart the game servers that we host.


Position: Senior staff member

Managers (owners, server managers) are responsible for all aspects of operating the HaxysHideout community. This involves physical and/or remote server administration, the development, administration and operation of all web technologies and platforms used. They also oversee all staff members and are ultimately responsible for community oversight. They define, write and adapt both community rules and server rules, and decide how rules are interpreted and enforced.

Managers deal with complaints relating to staff misconduct, and handle the majority of all tickets, as well as tickets with issues that require elevated permissions or a response from HaxysHideout management. They have access to server files to edit mod & plugin configurations, manage player data and consult server logs.

Staff Applications

We welcome players who are interested in joining our staff team to apply for a helper position, or for a moderator position if they are already a helper.

How to apply

Applications can only be submitted by creating a staff application ticket on our support platform.


Applicants for the Helper position are expected to be at least 16 years old. Existing Helpers must be at least 18 years old to apply for a Moderator position.

Applicants must also have played for at least 30 days in an active fashion and must be a member of our Discord server.

Evaluation process

We analyse all past communications and conduct of all applicants by querying the in-game chat logs as well as any activity on our Discord server, alongside the information and motivation provided in the application in our evaluation process. If an application is denied, the applicant is welcome to re-apply 30 days later via a new ticket.


If a staff member's conduct is found to be unacceptable or is breaking our rules, shows that the staff position or its permissions were abused for personal gain or for malicious purposes, we reserve the right to immediately demote the person to a lower staff position, or remove the person from our staff team altogether.


Staff members can be demoted to a lower position, or be removed from our staff team, after prolonged inactivity. This threshold can range from 60 to 120 days depending on the position held, the level of contributions to the team and the network and whether or not a notice of absence was submitted beforehand.