Rules for 1.12.2 Pack

  1. Use English only in the public chat, alternative languages through direct messages are fine.
  2. Do not discuss or advertise Minecraft servers or networks that are not provided by HaxysHideout.
  3. Hacking, duping, the use of installed cheats, abusing glitches or exploits and bypassing AFK checks is prohibited.
    Breaking this rule may result in an immediate ban with no expiration date.
  4. Permanent chunk loaders and blocks with this feature are not allowed. Only BetterChunkLoaders (Iron Block + Blaze Rod) can be used.
  5. Do not grief Admin Claims (Spawn and Shop) or Player Claims you're not entrusted to. If you find a way, report it.
    Breaking this rule or withholding this info will result in an immediate ban with no expiration date.
  6. Any form of discrimination, racism, sexism or bigotry is prohibited.
  7. Politics, religion and other sensitive topics can be divisive, discuss them in a sensible manner.
  8. Complaints raised against a staff member can only be submitted via ticket.
    A higher ranking staff member will process your complaint. A complainee will never investigate themselves.
  9. What isn't claimed, isn't yours and can be taken/broken by anyone! At the same time you're responsible for managing access to your claim. HaxysHideout does not interfere in disputes between friends or teammates.

Disallowed Things

  • Chop down redwood trees or giant oak trees using treecapitator.
  • Break large chests filled with items, thus dropping them all at the exact same time.
  • Spam-mine using mining tools (eg. Infinity Drill, Terra Shatterer, Bound Pickaxe, Mining laser).
  • Use Hoppers or stack Hoppers on top of each other.
  • Vertically stack your base. Instead spread your base out horizontally over multiple chunks.
  • Leaving behind dropped items and XP orbs when mining - Instead use a magnet (eg. Coin of Fortune, Void Satchel).
  • Leaving behind dropped items and XP orbs in mob grinders. Instead use a Vacuum Chest or Vacuum Hopper.
  • Using excessive amounts of Cyclic Assemblers (Thermal Expansion), Crafters (EnderIO), Auto Workbenches or Auto Crafting Benches or Mechanical Crafters. If you really must use them, do not run them 24/7, this may have severe adverse effects on server performance. Use Molecular Assemblers in conjunction with AE2 Crafting processors for batch/bulk autocrafting;
  • Using many transfer nodes with stacks of stack/speed upgrades.
  • Using more than a single Tank from OpenBlocks for a given setup - Instead use Drums or Black Hole Tanks.

Examples of this are: putting bags / pouches / satchels / strongboxes / shulkerboxes or other containers inside each other or putting filled ME storage cells inside bags / pouches / satchels / strongboxes / shulkerboxes or other containers.

When too many items with all of their metadata are nested in containers, that single container exceeds the string limit of data one player inventory slot can hold, and it will corrupt your player data. It can also have very adverse effects on server performance.







Crop Farms

This pertains to all kinds of vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds, fibers, trees, bushes or any other crop from, but not limited to Minecraft crops, Pam's Harvestcraft, GrowthCraft, Forestry and Mystical Agriculture

  • Per 1 chunk you may have a maximum of 6 horizontal layers of soil with crops growing on them;
  • Don't build farms on more than 8 separate chunks;

Animal Farms

This pertains to land plots with passive and active animal breeding and/or stocking where animals are kept alive. We call this an animal pen.

  • Per 1 chunk you may hold a maximum of 20 animals;
  • In total you may own up to a maximum of 100 animals (5 chunks with 20 animals per chunk);
  • A chunk containing an animal farm or a large collection of animals may not contain a mob grinder;
  • Animals must be given enough room to move freely, we don't condone animal cruelty, stacked entities can also cause increasing lag;

Mob Grinders

What is a mob grinder?

This is a setup that spawns and kill animals and/or monsters. It uses cursed earth, vanilla spawners, Ender IO powered spawners, Industrial Foregoing Mob Duplicators or magical ways of spawning monsters, and uses any source or form of damage, or machines, to kill the mobs.

2 types of mob grinders
  1. using Cursed Earth
  2. using Active Spawner (all types of spawners, duplicators and other methods)
  • You can have a maximum of 2 mob grinders per player/shared base;
  • Mob grinders must be built within the borders of a chunk, use F9 to enable chunk borders;
  • You cannot place spawners on top of cursed earth, these must be on 2 separate layers;
  • Spawners must an XP vacuum and Vacuum chest (or alternative) to pick up XP orb and item overflow;
  • Spawners must have an on/off switch with redstone using an easily-accessible lever;
  • Cursed Earth mob grinders must have redstone-controlled lamps to be able to turn off mob spawning, with an easily accessible lever.
  • A chunk containing a mob grinder may not contain an animal farm or a large collection of animals;
Allowed configurations:

2 chunks with cursed earth —OR— 2 chunks with up to 24 spawners total

1 chunk with 2 layers of cursed earth —OR— 1 chunk with up to 24 spawners total

2 chunks one of each type —OR— 1 chunk with a layer of both types


One of the main phenomenon that has been the basis for the creation of these guidelines is the tendency many players have to literally become Amazon, owning hundreds of thousands of items, sometimes even millions, way beyond what is ever consumed.

Producing, processing and hoarding this many items requires increasing item storage capacities, for which large ME storage cells are required. Producing them requires a lot of resources to be gathered, processed and crafted, which requires all the machinery for it, it's a self-propelling cycle that ends up fueling inflation and lag and creates problems for you that you have to solve by creating more problems.

Don't get us wrong, we are not against you becoming rich in-game, but how many players have down-scaled or dismantled their factories and farms after having produced millions of items? No one stops, they keep going, and that further pushes item prices down, increases lag and makes the experience for all players worse.

Guidelines on a per-machine basis would be way too long, so we instead ask to carefully read this section and the energy production section and make your own conclusions and adapt your base accordingly. We can and will also address players personally if we see bases not being adjusted in a timely manner.

  • Don't build 16, 32 or 64 of a machine just to speed up the one-time production or processing of eg. 10,000 items in 5 minutes. Instead, wait for 1 or 2 machines to process this over a whole hour.
  • Don't keep old and low-tier machines if you have already upgraded to or created better machines that perform the same actions.

Multiblock Structures

Avoid building a multiblock structures that use multiple chunks or cross chunk borders; Always confine the structure within a chunk, do not cross chunk borders. Use F9 to enable visual chunk borders that help you.

Thermal Evaporation Plant (Mekanism)

  • Max of 2 per player (or base if multiple players share it)

Induction Matrix (Mekanism)

  • Max size of 8x8x8
  • Max of 2 Induction Matrices per player (or base, if multiple players share it)

Fusion Reactor (Mekanism)

  • Max of 1 per player (or base if multiple players share it)

Big/Extreme Reactor (Extreme Reactor)

  • Max size of 12x12x24
  • Max of 1 per chunk
  • Max of 2 per player (or base if multiple players share it)

Smeltery (Tinker's Construct)

  • Max size of 8x8x16
  • Must be within the borders of a single chunk
  • Max of 2 per player (or base if multiple players share it)

Crafting Module (Applied Energistics 2)

(A Crafting Module is the combination of Crafting Storage blocks + Co-processing Unit blocks)
  • Max size of 4x8x8 per module
  • Max of 8 large modules (large being >= 3x6x6)
  • Max of 16 non-large modules (being < 3x6x6)

Laser Drills (Industrial Foregoing)

(We refer to Laser Drills as 4 Laser Drills + 1 Laser Base)
  • Max of 32 per chunk
  • Max of 64 per player (or base, if multiple players share it)

Dynamic Tank (Mekanism)

NOT ALLOWED - Use a Black Hole Tanks or Demonically Gargantuan drums instead

Power Generation

One of the main phenomenon that has been the basis for the creation of these guidelines is the tendency many players have to literally become a national power plant in-game, excessively producing RF or EU, way more than they actually need, thus also filling their power banks/storage rather quickly, or not even have power storage and rely on direct power injection from their production facilities.

Many players have an inefficient power production setup, giving them less RF/t for the amount of tech used than is possible, so they upscale, making it worse; Low TPS reduces the operation cycles of everything, including power production, giving people the feeling they're not producing RF fast enough, so they upscale, making it worse; On top of that, players often have inefficient tech setups, consuming more RF to achieve their goals than what is usually necessary, thus trying to justify the need to produce enough to power it all; To combat the negative effects on server performance, the following rules must be followed:

  • Adjust your production to match your actual needs.
  • Share power with teammates, friends, and strangers if it means fewer players will persue the construction of power generation which increases lag.
  • Don't keep old and low-tier generators if you have already upgraded to or created better machines that produce more energy.
  • You can only own [up to 2 Extreme Reactors] OR [1 Mekanism Fusion Reactor] OR [up to 4 Rainbow Generators] AND if you own any of these, you can not have any other form of power generation except for Solar Power in moderate amounts.
  • You can build other Dynamos, Generators, Mills, and IC2 Nuclear Reactors and mix these in your base, but you have to remove all of it when you upgrade to Extreme Reactors, a Fusion Reactor or Rainbow Generators.
In-game Rules Board on this subject can be found here.

Miscellaneous Rules

Chunk Loading

Permanent chunk loading is not allowed. In rare occasions, unintended interactions between multiple blocks from different mods may cause this. Report any incident where you believe permanent chunk loading is present by submitting a ticket.

Intentional uses of this permanent chunk loading mechanic at farms or grinders will be punished.
The only allowed chunk loaders are Iron Blocks with Blaze Rods, see 1122-faq.

Water Production

Rules on Tile Entities

Ticking TileEntities (also known as a block entity) are a MAJOR contributor to lag. These essentially store additional information and are found in/embedded in chests, dispensers, droppers, hoppers, barrels, shulker boxes, beacons, spawners, pistons, enchanting tables, jukeboxes, note blocks, sensors, beds, cauldrons, obviously all types of machinery, and more notably in this modpack in:

  • Forge Microblocks
  • Chisel & Bits blocks
  • Painted blocks (EnderIO)
  • Framed blocks (Blockcraftery)
  • Lamps and blocks emitting light (but not glowstone)
  • Starfield Glass (Thaumcraft)
  • Ceramic Blocks (Binnie's Botany)
  • Sky Blocks and inverted Sky Blocks (OpenBlocks)
  • Seared blocks & Seared Bricks (Tinker's Construct Smeltery)

The number of such blocks, often used decoratively and aesthetically must be limited. Some of you have built whole walls and floors using these blocks, turning their base into a more severe lag source with just walls, floors and ceilings than those who have a lot of machines!

There is no way to put specific numbers on this, but these blocks must not be used excessively. We are able to detect them and we will ask players to fix this when we do find out, but we expect you all to reduce the number of these blocks used in your builds on your own as well.

  1. Shop chests may only be created inside rented shop plots at
    /warp shops
  2. Each player may only rent up to 2 shop plots.
  3. You’re only allowed to place down regular chests, building blocks and decoration, signs or screens and grid power mills in your shop plot. Nothing else, no machines, and no form of auto-feeding or auto-filling for shop chests. We wish to keep lag and framedrops at shops to a minimum and you will be asked to remove blocks that do not follow these rules.
  4. Items whose price is set too cheap compared to what they're worth and attempts to deflate the economy are heavily frowned upon and such shops may be removed by our staff team periodically.
  5. Limit the amount of Tile Entities such as Chisel & Bits, Forge Microblocks and Framed blocks. They can kill one's FPS and make the shop dimension hard to load.

Punishments for market violations may include, but are not limited to:

  • removal of shop chests (no items are lost)
  • removal of the rented shop plot (items are lost)
  • temporary or permanent removal of access to the command
  • temporary or permanent removal of access to the command
    /as create
  • temporary or permanent removal of access to the command