FAQ for 1.12.2 Pack

Banned Items

#Item nameParent modBan reasons
0All Creative items
1Tome Of AlkahestryReliquary Duping
2Hand Of EnderBotania Abuse
3Cube Of AnnihilationTwilight Forest Abuse
4Quantum QuarryExtraUtilities2 Lag
5Shard of LaputaBotania Lag
6LuggageOpenBlocks Duping
7Block PlacerOpenBlocks Duping
8Block PlacerProjectRed Expansion Duping
9NukeIndustrialCraft2 Lag
10PackageMrCrayFish`s Furniture Mod Duping
11FancyWorkBenchBotania Duping
12Bore-lensMekanism Abuse
13Chunk LoaderIndustrialCraft2 Lag Corruption
14Spot LoaderChickenChunks Lag Corruption
15Logistical Transport PipeMekanism Duping
16Chunk LoaderExtra Utilities 2 Lag Corruption
17QuarryBuildCraft Lag
18Ender PorcupineExtra Utilities 2 Abuse
19Trash Can (Energy)OpenBlocks Abuse
20Spatial Pylons & drivesApplied Energistics 2 Abuse
21Entropy ManipulatorApplied Energistics 2 Abuse
22Mechanical UserExtra Utilities 2 Abuse
23Industrial TurbineMekanism Lag
24Thermoelectric BoilerMekanism Lag
25Basic Farmer [module]Steve`s Carts2 Duping
26Galgadorian Farmer [module]Steve`s Carts2 Duping
27CacheThermalExpansion Duping
28CursorOpenBlocks Abuse
29IndustrialTNTIndustrialCraft2 Duping
30Flux-Infused OmniWrenchRedstone Arsenal Duping Abuse
31Item AllocatorThermal Expansion Duping
32Fluid AllocatorThermal Expansion Duping
33Arcane Pattern CrafterThaumcraft Lag
34Mining WellBuildcraft Factory Lag Abuse
35Dynamism TabletThaumic Tinkerer Lag Abuse
36Item RouterModular Routers Duping Lag Abuse
37Tome of Knowledge SharingThaumic Tinkerer Abuse

Disabled Mods

Disabled ModsReason
Twilight DimensionHorrible chunk loading
ICBMLarge explosions are not compatible with our PvE gameplay
OpenComputersICBMAddonDisabled because ICBM is disabled
MystCraftUnstable and unmanagable dimension generation

Disabled Features

Disabled Items / MechanicsReason
Resource seeds and Mob seeds (Mystical Agriculture)

Except for the following seeds which are enabled:

  • inferium_seeds
  • aquamarine_seeds
  • basalt_seeds
  • dirt_seeds
  • dye_seeds
  • fire_seeds
  • ice_seeds
  • marble_seeds
  • nature_seeds
  • sky_stone_seeds
  • slate_seeds
  • stone_seeds
  • water_seeds
  • wood_seeds
  • yellorium_seeds
Economic stability
Growth Accelerators (Mystical Agriculture)Laggy tick accelerator
Quarry (BuildCraft)Horrible chunk loading
Quantum Quarry (Extra Utilities 2)Horrible chunk loading and Lag
Dislocation Focus (Thaumic Augmentation)

General Server Information

Server Info

Location: Germany

Timezone: GMT+2

Hosting: Dedicated/Private

Server Specifications: core i9-13900, 128GB DDR5, NVMe storage, Gbit uplink

Modpack Name: The 1.12.2 Pack

Modpack Version: 1.5.5

Gameplay: Modded PvE, Survival, Player Economy

Backup Schedule

A backup of the server is made daily at 09:00 GMT+2
During this time, the server is offline for about 20 minutes.

Current Map

Launched on the 15th of February, 2023 with a map size of 20k x 20K

Expanded on the 22nd of March, 2023 to a map size of 50k x 50k

Previous Map

Launched on the 30th of November, 2019

Wiped on the 12th of February, 2023

Server Configuration / Plugins / Mods

We do not share information on our server configuration, the plugins we use or the custom patches we apply for security reasons.

We do not offer assistance in hosting, setting up, configuring or troubleshooting your own server.

Changes to mod config files can be found in #1122-changelog on our Discord server.

Modpack Information

Available on Technic

Available on CurseForge

Mod List: click here

For questions pertaining to the modpack itself, head over to The X Pack official Discord

We offer limited support with client-side issues. Modifications such as OptiFine, texture packs or shaders can cause issues we don't help with.

Issues with logging onto our server can be submitted via ticket on our support platform.

Staff Team:

Administrators and Ticket Agents:

Goldkitsune Darknife25 PlumberryDelight

Server and Community Moderators:

Satvn Antonio_Toni Senivar ryleighmckenzie ElMarlow

Miscellaneous Info

To view chunk borders, press
. It's possible you need to set this in your keybind configuration first. Building things in accordance with chunk borders is very important and mentioned in our rules.

You cannot fly using flying morphs, this is disabled in the modpack by default. We have kept it that way to ensure angel rings, jetpacks, supremium armour and other methods of flight are the intended methods to obtain flight. Morph flight is too easy in an already easy and extensive modpack

Loss of Items

Inventory rollback

There is no such thing as rolling back an inventory, because there is simply no way of telling if someone removed items out of their inventory and placed them in an ME system, a chest, traded them or sold them, with the malicious intent to then get a copy of those items back.

World rollback

There is no way to request a base, specific chunks or specific regions to be rolled back. Our server backups are only applicable to the full server, for the same reasons.

Item reimbursement conditions

We only reimburse players for lost items if the following conditions are met:

  1. Items were lost because of server lag, an unintended mod mechanic, a mod bug or server glitch; Items lost to negligence, because the region was not claimed or to intended game mechanics such as lava, cauldrons, crucibles, explosions or clearlag, are generally not eligible for reimbursement.
  2. The loss was captured on a video recording using game capture software such as OBS, Nvidia ShadowPlay or AMD Instant Replay. Without such proof, we can't know for sure that your claim is true, as players could be lying about a loss in an attempt to obtain free items from us. Proof of past ownership is not proof of loss. Just because you have a screenshot where you were once in possession of something, does not in any way make that screenshot proof that you did in fact lose it, rather than hide it, trade it, give it away or sell it.

If you meet our conditions, you may submit a ticket on our support platform with all the necessary details and attach video as proof, for us to help you further.

Loss of Botania Relics

All 6 Botania relics are only obtainable once from Dice of Fate after defeating Gaia, and because of the fact that they are tied to player advancements, cannot be re-obtained from new Dice of Fate. At our discretion we may choose to help you obtain lost relics once more, but we are not obliged to do so. If we find out that you lied to us, with the goal to possess more than 1 relic of a type at a time, you will be permanently banned.

Dimension Resets

All dimensions/worlds are reset every month on the first day of the month, with the exception of the following listed:

  • Overworld
  • Spawn
  • Shops (accessible via /warp shops)
  • TerraOptima (accessible via /warp terraoptima)
  • Fightzone (not accessible yet)
  • Space Stations from GalactiCraft

You should not build permanent bases or leave your things behind on other worlds/dimensions. Once the reset takes place, anything you left there is permanently gone, you can not get it back, so there's no point in asking our staff team or submitting tickets about getting anything back.

Dimension resets allow players to explore untouched regions and gather rare resources and loot without the risk of them being depleted or gone, and gives GalactiCraft planets another chance at generating new dungeons.

Chunk Loading

Loading chunks is done solely by using the BetterChunkLoader plugin.

  • You must be logged in for BCL chunkloaders to function. These are not offline chunkloaders.
  • You may need to visit chunks with BCL chunkloaders to 'wake them up' after logging in.
  • BCL chunkloaders currently only work in the Overworld, Aroma1997's Mining Dimension and the Extra Utilities 2's Deep Dark.
  • Removing the Blaze Rod AND the Iron Block will delete the registered chunk loader.
  • Every player has a balance of 26 chunkloaders, you can check this with
    /bcl bal
    /bcl list
  • Chunkloaders that were left in other dimensions before a dimension reset, will still be registered. These need to be purged for you by our staff team.

Earning Money

There are different ways of earning money, here's a list:

Free of Risk

  1. Sell Claim Blocks to the server for $20 each by using
    /sellblocks amount
  2. Sell items in a shop plot you've rented.

At your own Risk

  1. Sell Claim Blocks to other players for a price you agree on, using
    /transferblocks playername amount
  2. Sell items, services or builds to other players directly, they can use
    /pay playername amount
    to pay you.

GC Space Stations

Info on how to create a Space Station can be found here.

We DO NOT force-load Space Station dimensions when the server starts/restarts. Some teleportation methods will therefore not work as the dimensions are not yet initialized. Using /home will however work.

  • It is HIGHLY recommended to set a /sethome in your space station if it is in the overworld.
  • It is HIGHLY recommended to set a /sethome in your space station's vacuum just outside your airlock if it is in a space dimension.
  • This will ensure you can go back to your Space Station after leaving it. If you do not do this, you risk not being able to return, thus losing your Space station.

Spending Money

You can spend in-game money on all of the following activities:

Buy items or services from other players directly.

Buy items sold at player shops.

Buy Claim Blocks from the shop for $50 per block.

Rent a shop plot of your own to sell items - Click on the FAQ "Earning Money" for more info.

Buy a light-weight rank —

You can buy the light-weight version of real ranks with in-game money,
giving Free-to-play players the ability to work their way up to a rank!

You are allowed to buy this rank for a different player.

  • Supporter Light$750,000

    All perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game currency.

  • VIP Light$1,000,000

    All perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game currency.

  • MVP Light$1,500,000

    All perks listed on here except for Claim Blocks and in-game currency.

To purchase one of the above light-weight ranks with in-game currency, submit a ticket here.

Buy extra homes —

You can buy extra homes with in-game currency,
giving Free-to-play players the ability expand their homes!

You are allowed to buy extra homes for a different player.

  • 1 extra home$1,000,000

  • 5 extra homes$4,000,000

To purchase one of the above home packages with in-game currency, submit a ticket here.

Earning Claim Blocks

In-Game Events

You may earn Claim Blocks as a reward from participating in events or winning contests.

Discord Activity

Claim Blocks may also be earned through Discord Activity. By engaging with the community and chatting in our chat or voice channels, you slowly level up. Every time you gain 5 levels (seen in the discord channel #levels-rewards ) you will be awarded 1,000 Claim Blocks in-game. This is rewarded automatically, if you believe you didn't receive any, submit a ticket.

Discord Server Boosting

People who boost our Discord Server are rewarded 2,500 Claim Blocks per boost, per week. This is rewarded automatically, if you believe you didn't receive any, submit a ticket.

Buying via the Server Shop

We offer the ability to purchase Claim Blocks via our Server Shop (terms apply).

Buying in-game

You can buy Claim Blocks from the server for $50 in-game money per block. Use the command
/buyblocks amount

Voting Rewards

When casting a vote, you always obtain all items from the General Loot Table.

Additionally, you roll a number between 1 and 4, which defines the number of additional rewards, rolled from the Common, Uncommon and Rare loot table. You have 60% chance of rolling an entry from the Common Loot Table, 28% chance to roll an entry from the Uncommon Loot Table, and a 12% chance for the Rare one.

General Loot Table:

100%$200 In-game money
100%3x Common Treasure
100%1x Diamond

Common Loot Table:

30%12x Gold Ingot
20%4x Ender Pearl
20%4x Diamond
20%4x Emerald
10%8x Slime Ball

Uncommon Loot Table:

20K16x Steel Ingot
20K16x Paradise Burger
20%8x Enriched Alloy
10%8x Dark Steel Ingot
10%4x Slime Pearl
10%12x Certus Quartz Ore
5%8x Reinforced Alloy
5%32x Fluxed Phyto-Gro

Rare Loot Table:

15%32x Vibrant Alloy Ingot
10%32x Certus Quartz Ore
10%4x Iridium Ore
10%2x Fluxed Electrum Ingot
10%16x Fluix Crystals
10%8x Atomic Alloy
10%1x Ichor
10%4x End Steel Ingot
5%$5,000 In-game money
5%4x Nether Star
1%4x Void Metal Ingot
1%1x Ichorium Ingot
1%1x Elytra
1%5x Supremium Ingot
1%16x Enderium Ingot


When you reach specific voting milestones, you're rewarded with a large sum of in-game money for reaching these milestones:

# of VotesReward
100$10,000 and 5,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
250$25,000 and 7,500 Bonus Claim Blocks
500$30,000 and 10,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
750$40,000 and 12,500 Bonus Claim Blocks
1000$50,000 and 15,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
1250$75,000 and 20,000 Bonus Claim Blocks
1500$100,000 and 25,000 Bonus Claim Blocks

Known Issues

AE2 Stuff

The Wireless Connector will display 0 channels used after server restarts due to an incompatibility with the BetterChunkLoader plugin, where chunk loading isn't registered in a way that allows for the Wireless Connector to pick up on the link that was previously made. There's currently no proper fix for it.

Advanced Inscribers and Crystal Growth Chambers may delete themselves upon you logging in/loading your base if you have an ME security terminal on your network. The work-around is to use a sub-network or to simply use a chest as a buffer block in between.

Applied Energistics 2

The ME Crafting Terminal will soft-crash your client if the top-left [Sort By] button is set to Inventory Tweaks. Simply break and place back the terminal and do not set it back to that sorting method.

To be able to auto-craft Mekanism recipes such as Energy Cubes, Digital Miners or Induction Cells, you must manually place every item into the crafting grid when you are creating a crafting pattern in the ME Pattern Terminal. Using the PLUS button to auto-fill the recipe will NOT work.


No multi-block structures will form, this includes the Cokes Oven, Blast Furnace, Flux Transformer and Rock Crusher. This issue is likely caused due to an incompatibility with Sponge and our server setup, and may be resolved in the future.


This is not an actual issue but it's worth mentioning anyway.

Quantum Solar Panels produce very high voltage that will blow up many machines including Mekanism Energy cubes if they're placed directly next to the Quantum Solar Panel. It is recommended to use Ultimate Universal Cables to safely carry this energy in the form of RF.

This is not an actual issue but it's worth mentioning anyway.

Quantum Solar Panels will not output RF into Universal Cables automatically. You must use a Mekanism Configurator to set the Universal Cable to PULL energy from the Quantul Solar Panel.

Mystical Agriculture

Supremium armour's armour rating does not apply a reduction in damage taken and acts as if you are not wearing armour at all. This issue is likely caused due to an incompatibility with Sponge and it is not known if this will ever be resolved. https://github.com/SpongePowered/SpongeForge/issues/3231

Supremium armour can spam an annoying un-equip sound. To fix this issue in 90% of all cases, apply a charm of your choosing on your Supremium Armour pieces using a Mystical Agriculture Tinkering Table, 3 prosperity shards and 4 supremium essence. Sometimes applying a charm to your boots is enough, sometimes it's on the helmet.


Machines that can be upgraded with a Tier Installer to their factory variant, may sometimes turn into Smelting Factories when they were originally not smelters. A workaround is to upgrade them in a crafting grid or ME Crafting Terminal rather than using a Tier Installer.

A Digital Miner does not properly apply its max radius of 32, instead it seems the area in which it will operate is a rectangular shape and directional. Relocating the Digital Miner is required for it to start mining in areas it otherwise skips.

The Atomic Disassembler's Vein Mode and Extended Vein Mode can delete multiblock structures without dropping items, including the Digital Miner and Universal cables. Be careful not to use these modes when breaking any cables from any mod, or multiblock structures of any kind. Thermal Evaporation Plants however seem to be fine. https://github.com/mekanism/Mekanism/issues/5752

ThaumCraft 6

Eldritch Spires in the Emptiness have a ward over the entire structure that prevents the structure from being mined, and prevents players from flying. After killing the boss in the final room, this ward should disappear. However, it doesn't.

LOST MAGIC research is currently not obtainable. Request this research to be unlocked for you by submitting a ticket on our support platform.

Casting a curse effect on the ground will create an area where entities will get curses. However, this lingers on the ground for much longer than indicated by the Focus. For example, a curse with an effect of 7 seconds will last well over a minute, up to several minutes. This also applies to curses cast by hostile entities.


The landing coordinates are faulty when traveling to the Astroid Belt. It is possible to find yourself in a place outside of the world border and/or in a place where you are unable to retrieve your gravestone.

Due to an incompatibility with Galacticraft and SpongeForge, planetary dungeons do not properly generate their structure, and may sometimes be blending together with the environments. Worst cases include some dungeons lacking their loot chest.

Technical Issues

Client freezes

This is often a sign of you hitting Java GC (garbage collection) too often as a result of not having assigned enough RAM. Essentially it is a process during which temporary data that was loaded into your memory, is flushed again. This process is CPU-intensive. To figure out if this is what is causing your client to freeze:

  • enable in-game metrics by pressing
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, the second line will read something like Mem: 67% 5454/8192MB
  • This percentage will gradually go up, before dropping again, after which it goes up again, this is a never-ending cycle.
  • If the cycle never reaches >92% or higher before dropping, you are most likely fine.
  • If the cycle exceeds >92% before dropping, you will feel your client freezing for a little while, this is the indication you either:

must restart your client because it's been up for too long


must increase the amount of allocated memory by about 1GiB

Shop Area Freezes

The Shop Area, accessible via /warp shops may at random cause your FPS to rapidly drop. Unless you quickly fly towards the world border of the shop area OR teleport out of this area, you may find yourself stuck at 0 FPS.

  • This can happen anywhere in the shop area, even if you think it is caused by a specific shop, it can happen near any chunk, near any shop. The underlying cause is not yet known, nor is there proper way to reproduce it.
  • This does not always happen, and may happen to one player but not another player at the exact same time, however everyone will have experienced this at least once in their lifetime. You could be fine for multiple days before your client decides to turn into a powerpoint slideshow again.
  • After this FPS drop takes place, when teleporting out quickly, and re-visiting the shops, there is a chance everything will be fine, your frames will no longer drop and you will be unable to reproduce this issue for a long while.

Invalid session

Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)

You get this error when you are not properly authenticated with your Minecraft account.
Follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Click "Back to server list" to see the list of servers in your multiplayer menu
  2. In the top-left corner you will see a ReAuth Login button with a red cross next to it, click the button
  3. A window will open, Check the "Save Profile to Config" checkbox if you wish to do so
  4. Under "Login using a Xbox Account", click on This Device
  5. A browser window will open where you can authenticate with your Microsoft Account, assuming your MC account is linked to Microsoft/Xbox, simply log in, or click on the already signed-in Microsoft account that has your MC account and wait a couple of seconds. ReAuth will authenticate you automatically.
  6. Return back to your client, in the top-left corner you will now see a green checkmark. You're good to go and can join our server to play!

If you don't have ReAuth installed, you can learn more about it here.

or download the Forge version for 1.12.2 directly here and add it to your Mods folder.

Minimap Render Crashes

The symptoms (light blue blank screen or screen flickering) and crash reason in the crash report point towards known issues with the VoxelMap mod, which enables the minimap and other map features. In most cases, these issues can be resolved by removing or disabling VoxelMap and replacing it with JourneyMap.

The latest version of JourneyMap for 1.12.2 can be downloaded here.

You may instead also choose to use Xaero's Minimap for 1.12.2 instead which can be downloaded here.

Instructions on Windows

  1. Open Windows Explorer or your Start menu
  2. Type %appdata%
  3. Navigate to \.technic\modpacks\the-1122-pack\mods
  4. Locate forgemod_VoxelMap-1.9.19_for_1.12.2.jar and delete it.
  5. Locate VoxelMapFixes-1.12.2-1.0.7.jar and delete it.
  6. Locate the folder VoxelMods in the mods folder (\.technic\modpacks\the-1122-pack\mods\VoxelMods) and delete it.
  7. Paste the JourneyMap or Xaero's .JAR file you've downloaded into this mods folder.
  8. Start your modpack through the Technic Launcher
  9. If the Technic Launcher decides to re-download and use VoxelMap, disable VoxelMap by navigating to "Loaded Mods" in the main menu, after this, you can click on Multiplayer and join our server, there is a chance you may have to repeat all the above steps.

Instructions on MacOS

  1. In your Finder bar, click on Go, hold your ALT-key and open your Library
  2. Navigate to the folder "Application Support"
  3. Navigate to \technic\modpacks\the-1122-pack\mods
  4. Locate forgemod_VoxelMap-1.9.19_for_1.12.2.jar and delete it.
  5. Locate VoxelMapFixes-1.12.2-1.0.7.jar and delete it.
  6. Locate the folder VoxelMods in the mods folder (\technic\modpacks\the-1122-pack\mods\VoxelMods) and delete it.
  7. Paste the JourneyMap or Xaero's .JAR file you've downloaded into this mods folder.
  8. Start your modpack through the Technic Launcher
  9. If the Technic Launcher decides to re-download and use VoxelMap, disable VoxelMap by navigating to "Loaded Mods" in the main menu, after this, you can click on Multiplayer and join our server, there is a chance you may have to repeat all the above steps.