Network Rules

Community Rules & Guidelines

By joining our Discord server and participating in any of our game servers and other platforms we make available to our community, you agree to abide by the rules and guidelines outlined below, as well as any additional gameserver-specific rules detailed on our Discord, website, or in-game. Non-compliance may lead to disciplinary actions, including restricted access to our platforms.

Inclusivity and Respect

Staff Respect: We hold our staff team in high regard for their dedication and fairness. Please respect their decisions and authority. Should you have concerns or disagreements with a staff decision, we encourage you to document and address your concerns respectfully through our support platform.

Community Harmony: Our community thrives on mutual respect and friendship. Toxic behavior towards others is unacceptable. We implement a zero-tolerance policy towards discrimination and bigotry of any kind, and warmly welcome members of the LGBTQ+ community. Should you encounter behavior that violates our community standards, please document it and report it via our support platform.

Communication Standards

Language Policy: To maintain a globally accessible environment, we require all communications on our Discord and in-game chats to be in English.

Behavior Expectations: We do not tolerate spam, trolling, harassment, excessive arguing, offensive content, racial slurs, discrimination, or any form of toxicity. We aim to create a safe and welcoming space for all members.

Sensitive Discussions: If you wish to discuss topics of a nature that is political, religious, sexual or relates to drugs, ensure you do so in a mature and respectful manner or we will shut down such conversations, keep in mind that we have underage community members.

Prohibited Behaviors

Security and Fairness: Acts of (D)DoS attacks, hacking attempts, fraud, threats (physical, legal, or virtual), or any malicious behaviors towards our servers, services, platforms, or community members are strictly prohibited. Such actions will be taken seriously, logged, and reported as necessary.

Community Support

Reporting and Assistance: If you witness or experience conduct that breaches our rules, or if you require support with game-related issues, digital purchases, or any other concerns, please reach out through our support platform. We're here to help. Keep in mind our response times may vary, we're only human.

Restrictions on Advertising

Advertising Guidelines:Direct promotion or advertising of other Minecraft servers, games, social media channels, websites, or unauthorized links to downloads is not permitted to ensure the safety and integrity of our community. Sharing of content for educational or entertainment purposes from trusted sources is allowed, provided it aligns with our community goals.

Web Store Purchase Terms & Conditions

Your support through purchasing ranks and perks directly contributes to the continued hosting and maintenance of our servers, provision of services and development of new content and gameplay. By engaging with our store, located at, or by making transactions directly with our senior staff, you agree to the following terms and conditions and the Tebex Terms. Please read them carefully before making a purchase.

General Purchase Terms

Refund Policy: All sales are final. Once a purchase is made, it cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

Duration of Purchases: The ranks and perks you purchase are yours for the lifetime of the server. They survive server resets and remain in place even after any temporary or permanent bans, following a pardon. Subscription-based ranks and the perks that come with it are only active for the duration of your subscription.

Rule Adherence: Purchasing a rank does not exempt you from following the server rules. All community guidelines must be adhered to, regardless of any ranks or perks owned.

Consumables: Consumable perks are only granted once during purchase, they cannot be re-obtained unless a package is bought again. Consumable perks are: Bonus Claim Blocks, In-game Currency and One-time kits.

Troubleshooting & Support

Unapplied Purchases: Should you not receive your purchased rank or perks within 24 hours of the transaction, please contact us via our support platform. To assist you as smoothly as possible, please provide your transaction ID, date of purchase, and the specific rank or perk in question.

Fraudulent Activities: We have a strict policy against fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. Engaging in such activities will result in the removal of your perks and a ban from our servers and services, with no option for a refund as per our Refund Policy above.

Upgrading Ranks: You can upgrade your current rank to a higher one by paying the price difference. When you upgrade, you receive: The permanent perks of the new rank which replace your old ones The difference in in-game currency between your old and new rank The difference in bonus claim blocks between your old and new rank Access to the recurring kits of the new rank on top of your old ones Access to the one-time kit of the new rank

To request a rank upgrade, please contact us on our support platform.

Server-Specific Conditions

Server Resets: If a scheduled server reset occurs within 90 days of your purchase, you're eligible to reclaim your consumables / one-time perks.

Modpack Transitions: Should you make a purchase within 120 days before a modpack transition takes place, your rank and equivalent consumables / one-time perks can be transferred to the new setup. An example of a transition is moving from [All of Fabric 6] to [All of Fabric 7] or from [All the Mods 8] to [All the Mods 9], but not from [The 1.7.10 Pack] to [The 1.12.2 Pack]

Server Closure: In the unfortunate event of a server discontinuation, we'll announce it at least 60 days in advance. Purchases made 30 days before this announcement qualify for a rank transfer to another one of our Minecraft servers, we will do our best to offer you a rank or package of equivalent value but we cannot guarantee this.

Force Majeure: We strive to maintain a stable and secure environment. However, in cases of unforeseen events affecting our services, we cannot guarantee the immediate restoration of all player data and purchased perks. If affected, please reach out via our support platform with valid proof of payment for assistance.