FAQ for Devil's PVP

Banned Items

#Item nameParent modBan reasons
0All creative items* Abuse
1Analog CrafterExtra Utilities 2
2Anchor UpgradeMekanism
3Black Hole TalismanBotania
4CacheThermal Expansion Duping
5Chat BoxComputronics Lag Abuse
6Chat RecorderPlethora Abuse
7Chat UpgradeComputronics Lag Abuse
8Chunk LoaderIndustrialCraft 2
9Debug CardOpenComputers Abuse
10dev/nullOpenBlocks Duping Abuse
11DimensionChangerAroma1997's Dimensional World
12Diversion TransporterMekanism
13DronePneumaticCraft: Repressurized
14Dynamism TabletThaumic Tinkerer
15EFLNTinkers' Construct
16Ender Energy ManipulatorDraconic Evolution
17Extraction Conveyor UpgradeIndustrial Foregoing
18GlowballTinkers' Construct Abuse
19Halloween Lollipop 1Corail Tombstone Abuse Unbalanced
20Halloween Lollipop 2Corail Tombstone Abuse Unbalanced
21Halloween Lollipop 3Corail Tombstone Abuse Unbalanced
22Halloween Lollipop 4Corail Tombstone Abuse Unbalanced
23Halloween Lollipop 5Corail Tombstone Abuse Unbalanced
24Hypoinfuser (Hardened)Thermal Innovation Unbalanced
25Hypoinfuser (Reinforced)Thermal Innovation Unbalanced
26Hypoinfuser (Signalum)Thermal Innovation Unbalanced
27Hypoinfuser (Resonant)Thermal Innovation Unbalanced
28Item AllocatorThermal Expansion Duping
29LetterForestry Duping Abuse
30Logistic DronePneumaticCraft: Repressurized
31Mechanical CrafterExtra Utilities 2 Duping Lag Abuse
32Mining LaserIndustrialCraft 2
33Passive WorldspikeRailcraft
34Perpetuum LocomotiveRailcraft Abuse
35Personal ChestMekanism Duping
36PiggybackpackTinkers' Construct
37Player ChestExtra Utilities 2
38ProgrammerPneumaticCraft: Repressurized Abuse Unbalanced
39Reservoir (Basic)Thermal Expansion
40Reservoir (Hardened)Thermal Expansion
41Reservoir (Reinforced)Thermal Expansion
42Reservoir (Signalum)Thermal Expansion
43Reservoir (Resonant)Thermal Expansion
44Resolute IvyWitchery: Ressurected Unbalanced
45Restrictive TransporterMekanism Abuse
46RobitMekanism Duping
47Rod Of LyssaReliquary Lag Abuse
48Sigil of DivinityBlood Arsenal Unbalanced
49Soul ReceptacleCorail Tombstone
50Spatial ComponentAE2 Unofficial Extended Life Corruption Abuse
51Spawner AgitatorPneumaticCraft: Repressurized Lag Abuse Unbalanced
52Stabilized Mob SpawnerDraconic Evolution Unbalanced
53Standard WorldspikeRailcraft
54Teleporter TurretOpen Modular Turrets Abuse
56Trade StationForestry Abuse
57WorktableForestry Duping
58Worldspike PointRailcraft
59Bound Dislocator (only In SpawnWorld)Draconic Evolution Abuse
60Shard of LaputaBotania Lag Abuse


AbuseItem/mechanic can be mis-used or abused to the extent that it may induce lag, enable exploits, enable unbalanced capabilities or excessively grief the world.
BypassItem/mechanic is capable of bypassing server-protected blocks or regions, and/or is capable of bypassing claim protection.
ChunkloadingItem/mechanic allows for permanent chunkloading which goes against our rules.
CrashItem/mechanic is capable of triggering a client crash or server crash.
CorruptionItem/mechanic is capable of corrupting NBT, chunks or playerdata.
DupingItem/mechanic is capable of or part of a dupe mechanic.
ExploitItem/mechanic is capable of or part of an exploit.
LagItem/mechanic allows for inducing excessive lag.
UnbalancedItem/mechanic has been deemed unbalanced or overpowered.

Disabled Mods

Disabled ModsReason

Disabled Items & Features

Items / MechanicModReason
Soulbound EnchantmentCoFH CoreDisabled as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.
Soulbound EnchantmentEnder IODisabled as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.
Soulbound EnchantmentCorail TombstoneDisabled as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.
Hand of EnderBotaniaCan't be used to open other player Enderchest inventories.
Hand of Death (deployed)Witchery: ResurrectedThe deployed scythe is locked because it is deemed too strong.
Laser BaseIndustrial ForegoingDisabled means of obtaining ores as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.
Laser DrillIndustrial ForegoingDisabled means of obtaining ores as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.
Network Visualisation ToolAE2 Unofficial Extended LifeDisabled means of tracking AE2 networks as part of balancing decisions in this server's playstyle.

General Server Information

Server Info

Location: Germany

Timezone: GMT+2

Hosting: Dedicated bare-metal / Private

Server Specifications: core i9-13900, 128GB DDR5, NVMe storage, Gbit uplink

Modpack Name: Devil's

Modpack Version: 4.03

Gameplay: Modded PvP, Survival, Hardcore environment

Backup Schedule

A backup of the server is made daily at 09:00 GMT+2
During this time, the server is offline for about 20 minutes.

Current Map

Launched in September, 2023 with a map size of 50k x 50k

Server Configuration / Plugins / Mods

We do not share information on our server configuration, the plugins we use or the custom patches we apply for security reasons.

We do not offer assistance in hosting, setting up, configuring or troubleshooting your own server.

Modpack Information

Available on Technic

We offer limited support with client-side issues. Modifications such as OptiFine, texture packs or shaders can cause issues we don't help with.

Issues with logging onto our server can be submitted via ticket on our support platform.

Staff Team:

Administrators and Ticket Agents:




We periodically adjust and re-balance crafting recipes after careful consideration and player feedback, and provide the latest version in correspondence with the server's version as a download to players. This is used to synchronise with the server to make altered recipes available to you again.

Instructions for Windows
  1. Copy-paste the following path in Windows Explorer to go directly to your modpack folder:

  2. Delete the folder called:
  3. Download and extract scripts.zip to the modpack's root folder, replacing the old scripts.
  4. Restart your modpack client.

Instructions for MacOS
  1. Copy-paste the following path in MacOS Finder to go directly to your modpack folder:

    ./library/application support/technic pack/modpacks/devil-anarchy-1122
  2. Delete the folder called:
  3. Download and extract scripts.zip to the modpack's root folder, replacing the old scripts.
  4. Restart your modpack client.
  • 13/11/2023
    - Changed the Mass Assembler Frame output from 1 to 3
  • 13/11/2023
    - Alienware Hyper-Acceleration Card: Replaced one of the Speculative Processors by a Massively Parallel Processor


A changelog of the modpack itself can be found on the Technic Page. This list may be incomplete.


A changelog of the server can be found below. This list may be incomplete.
This list may include changes that were made on both the client and the server.


  • PlayerChunkMapEntry no longer crashes the server when sending tile update packets.
  • Unpacking banned items is no longer possible in safe dimensions such as Spawn.
  • Sponge now properly calculates armor protection.
  • MMMMM Dummy doesn't accept Ender IO dark armors.
  • Items that exceed max stack size will be split into legal stacks.
  • Creepers have been reprogrammed to ignore players and instead target ME Drives if these are in range, becoming ME-seeking bombers.
  • The F3 Debug Pie-chart has been rendered unusable with randomized telemetry.
  • Armor or baubles shot by a dispenser are no longer auto-equipped by a player.
  • Max air height of teleports (/home or /back) has been increased from 3 to 12, helping with otherwise "unsafe teleports" when dying in the air.
  • The Atomic Disassembler's (extended) vein mode no longer deletes certain multiblocks like Digital Miners.
  • Added custom Dense Cobblestone Generators
  • Added custom exponential Singularity
  • Applied Energistics

  • ME Security Terminals function again after an issue prevented the security module from working.
  • Botania & ExtraBotany

  • Extra Botany no longer cause crashes on advancements.
  • Gaia 3 and 4 encounters no longer force-drop items and instead teleport players with non-Botania or non-ExtraBotany gear.
  • Changed how Orechids function completely:
    • Orechids can now be bound to a Mana Pool as well as any inventory. When binding the inventory there won't be any indicator (this needs a client-side update and is scheduled for the next modpack update), shift-clicking the the flower, then shift-clicking the inventory, works.
    • When the target inventory has enough space, the Orechid will consume mana and place a random ore in the inventory. If the target inventory has Stone (or Netherrack for Nether Orechids) the speed of ore generation will be normal. Without Stone or Netherrack the flower is 2 times slower, so you technically have the choice not to bother with stone provision, at the cost of a speed penalty.
    • Both Orechid variants no longer edit terrain.
    • Nether Orechid works in all dimensions.
  • Mana Buffer transfer speed has been increased from 400 (default: 400)to 4,000 mana per tick
  • Manalinkium transfer speed has been increased from 4,000 (default: 400) to 12,000 mana per tick
  • Blood Magic

  • Bloodmagic Teleposer now maxes out at using 66666 LP per teleposition, allowing for long distance teleports.
  • Draconic Evolution

  • The Ender Dragon does not spawn a Dragon Egg after it is defeated after being respawned.
  • Bound player dislocators now lose their NBT in safe dimensions such as Spawn.
  • ElectroBlobs' Wizardy

  • The Conflagration Spell has been disabled as it freezes the entire server
  • Ice and Fire

  • The Weezer material easter egg has been disabled.
  • NuclearCraft

  • NuclearCraft Reactors will stop processing upon reaching max heat.
  • Mekanism

  • Quantum Entangloporter energy transfer buffed from 6.4MRF/t to 25.6MRF/t
  • Quantum Entangloporter gas and liquid transfer buffed from 512,000mB/t to 2,048,000mB/t
  • Plethora

  • Plethora configurations have been adjusted, reducing the regeration and introducing a higher cost to launch, propel and teleport.
  • Railcraft

  • Railcraft no longer causes a rare crash.
  • RailCraft Personal Spikes now use Gold Coins (obtainable from voting rewards) as fuel.
  • Thaumcraft

  • An issue has been solved with Thaumcraft's Brass (CAP_BRASS) research.
  • Environmental Vis is now supported in the Arcane Workbench as well as Wand Vis. Vis will be used from Wands first before using environmental Vis. Thaumic Wands now act more as Vis batteries rather than a Vis source.
  • Added Thaumic Energistics
  • Added Thaumic Periphery
  • Witchery: Resurrected

  • Witchery Taglocks and Waystones have an expiry set to a number of in-game hours calculated in ticks. Victims must play for this amount of time before taglocks taken of them are invalidated.
    • During the period of 23/09 - 07/10, this expirey is set to 4 hours.
    • During the period of 08/10 - 21/10, this expirey is set to 8 hours
    • During the period of 22/10 - 04/11, this expirey is set to 12 hours.
    • Starting from 05/11, this expirey will be permanently set to 16 hours.
  • Witchery Blood Poppies have an expiry 1/4th of the typical expiry time. This is to prevent people from intentionally getting pricked to extend lifetime. Uses System Time.
  • Witchery Flying Monkeys cannot accept Blooded Waystones and Taglocks.
  • Witchery Taglocks don't work in safe dimensions such as the spawn dimension.
  • Witchery Attacks (such as Death's Hand) are rate-limited to 1 per tick
  • Witchery Rite of Transposition and Poppet effects don't work on players residing in the spawn dimension.
  • An issue has been solved with Blood Poppies not pricking players.

Miscellaneous Info

ClearLag Whitelist

The following items will not be cleared by the ClearLag plugin and can safely be dropped:

minecraft:fishing_rodFishing Rod
minecraft:netherbrickNether Brick
minecraft:nether_wartNether Wart
minecraft:coal_blockBlock of Coal
minecraft:brown_mushroomBrown Mushroom
minecraft:slime_ballSlime Ball
minecraft:spider_eyeSpider Eye
minecraft:diamond_blockDiamond Block
minecraft:water_bucketWater Bucket
minecraft:nether_starNether Star
minecraft:blaze_rodBlaze rod
minecraft:blazeblockBlaze Mesh
miencraft:coal_blockBlock of Coal
botania:runeBotania Rune
botania:manatabletMana Tablet
botania:terrapickTerrasteel Pickaxe
botania:manaresourceManasteel Ingot
botania:manaresource:1Mana Pearl
botania:manaresource:2Mana Diamond
botania:manaresource:8Pixie Dust
botania:manaresource:9Elementium Ingot
botania:runeBotania Rune
botania:rune:0Rune of Water
botania:rune:1Rune of Fire
botania:rune:2Rune of Earth
botania:rune:3Rune of Air
botania:rune:7Rune of Winter
botania:thorringRing of Thor
botania:odinringRing of Odin
botania:lokiringRing of Loki
botania:magnetringRing of Magnetization
botania:magnetringgreaterGreater Ring of Magnetization
botania:reachringRing of Far Reach
botania:manaringBand of Mana
botania:manaringgreaterGreater Band of Mana
botania:terraswordTerra Blade
extrabotany:shadowkatanaShadow Katana
extrabotany:firstfractalZenith - First Fractal
extrabotany:material:0Spirit Fragment
extrabotany:material:1Orichalcos Ingot
extrabotany:material:2Gilded Potato
extrabotany:material:3Medal for Heroism
extrabotany:material:6Challenge Ticket
extrabotany:rewardbag:0Reward Bag Eins
extrabotany:rewardbag:1Reward Bag Zwei
extrabotany:rewardbag:2Reward Bag Drei
extrabotany:rewardbag:3Reward Bag Vier
extrabotany:mastermanaringMaster Band of Mana
extrabotany:allforoneALL FOR ONE
thaumcraft:focus_pouchFocus Pouch
thaumcraft:primordial_pearlPrimordial Pearl
thaumadditions:adaminite_ingotAdaminite Ingot
thaumadditions:mithrillium_ingotMithrillium Ingot
thaumadditions:mithminite_ingotMithminite Ingot
ichoriumkit:focus_pouchIchorcloth Pouch
warpbook:warpbookWarp Book
mekanism:atomicdisassemblerAtomic Disassembler
mekanism:machineblockAll Mekanism Machines
appliedenergistics2:crystal_seedCertus/Nether/Fluix Crystal Seed
appliedenergistics2:storage_cell_1k1k ME Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:storage_cell_4k4k ME Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:storage_cell_16k16k ME Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:storage_cell_64k64k ME Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:fluid_storage_cell_1k1k ME Fluid Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:fluid_storage_cell_4k4k ME Fluid Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:fluid_storage_cell_16k16k ME Fluid Storage Cell
appliedenergistics2:fluid_storage_cell_64k64k ME Fluid Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.physical:0256k ME Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.physical:11024k ME Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.physical:24096k ME Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.physical:316384k ME Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.fluid:0256k ME Fluid Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.fluid:11024k ME Fluid Storage Cell
aeadditions:storage.fluid:24096k ME Fluid Storage Cell
thaumicenergistics:essentia_cell_1k1k ME Essentia Storage Cell
thaumicenergistics:essentia_cell_4k4k ME Essentia Storage Cell
thaumicenergistics:essentia_cell_16k16k ME Essentia Storage Cell
thaumicenergistics:essentia_cell_64k64k ME Essentia Storage Cell
xreliquary:fortune_coinCoin of Fortune
enderstorage:ender_pouchEnder Pouch
extrautils2:angelringAngel Ring
extrautils2:bagofholdingBag of Holding

Mechanical User Whitelist

Mechanical Users can have a devastating effect on the performance of our server and may induce server crashes through certain mod interactions. Because of this, we operate a strict custom whitelist, allowing only the items listed below to used by the Mechanical User. Non-whitelisted items will be dropped by the Mechanical User and/or will have no effect.

Additions to this whitelist may be requested by submitting a support ticket.


Loss of Items

Inventory rollback

We will generally not role back an inventory, because there is no conclusive way of telling if someone removed items out of their inventory and placed them in an ME system, a chest, traded them or sold them, with the malicious intent to then get a copy of those items back.

In rare occasions, we may reinstate the inventory of a previous death, but this is very circumstatial.

World rollback

There is no way to request a base, specific chunks or specific regions to be rolled back. Our server backups are only applicable to the full server, for the same reasons.

Item reimbursement conditions

We only reimburse players for lost items if the following conditions are met:

  1. Items were lost because of server lag, an unintended mod mechanic, a mod bug or server glitch; Items lost to negligence, because the region was not claimed or to intended game mechanics such as lava, cauldrons, crucibles, explosions or clearlag, are generally not eligible for reimbursement.
  2. The loss was captured on a video recording using game capture software such as OBS, Nvidia ShadowPlay or AMD Instant Replay. Without such proof, we can't know for sure that your claim is true, as players could be lying about a loss in an attempt to obtain free items from us. Proof of past ownership is not proof of loss. Just because you have a screenshot where you were once in possession of something, does not in any way make that screenshot proof that you did in fact lose it, rather than hide it, trade it, give it away or sell it.

If you meet our conditions, you may submit a ticket on our support platform with all the necessary details and attach video as proof, for us to help you further.

Loss of Botania Relics

All 6 Botania relics are only obtainable once from Dice of Fate after defeating Gaia, and because of the fact that they are tied to player advancements, cannot be re-obtained from new Dice of Fate. At our discretion we may choose to help you obtain lost relics once more, but we are not obliged to do so. If we find out that you lied to us, with the goal to possess more than 1 relic of a type at a time, you will be permanently banned.

Dimension Resets

All dimensions/worlds are reset at random, at most every 12 days and at least every 18 days. following listed:

  • Overworld
  • Spawn
  • Admin Shop (accessible via /warp shop)

You should not build permanent bases or leave your things behind on other worlds/dimensions. Once the reset takes place, anything you left there is permanently gone, you can not get it back, so there's no point in asking our staff team or submitting tickets about getting anything back.

Dimension resets allow players to explore untouched regions and gather rare resources and loot without the risk of them being depleted or gone, and gives GalactiCraft planets another chance at generating new dungeons.

Chunk Loading

Loading chunks is done solely using:

  • Personal Worldspikes from Railcraft
  • Chunk Loading Ward from Extra Utilities 2

These will load a single chunk, the one they're placed in, if conditions such as fuel are met, and may require a player to initially load the chunk first after going offline or after a server restart.

Earning Money

There are different ways of earning money, here's a list:

Through voting

  • Voting using the command
    will earn you $50 in-game money per vote, per day.

As a purchase

  • Purchase a permanent rank from our Rank Shop to receive a large sum at once, or choose a subscription rank to receive an amount every month while your subscription runs.

At your own Risk

  • Sell items, services or builds to other players directly, they can use
    /pay playername amount
    to pay you.

Spending Money

You can spend in-game money on all of the following activities:

Buy items from the admin shop at /warp shops.

Buy items or services from other players directly.

Rent a shop plot of your own to sell items - Click on the FAQ "Earning Money" for more info.

Buy a rank —

You can buy real ranks with in-game money,
giving Free-to-play players the ability to work their way up to a rank!

You are allowed to buy this rank for a different player.

  • Ritualist$12,500

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Cultist$37,500

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Diabolist$62,500

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Warlock$100,000

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Nethermancer$150,000

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Shadowmancer$200,000

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Hexmaster$275,000

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

  • Void Ascendant$437,500

    All perks listed on here except for in-game currency.

To purchase one of the above ranks with in-game currency, submit a ticket here.

Voting Rewards

When casting a vote, you always obtain all items from the General Loot Table.

Additionally, you roll a number between 1 and 4, which defines the number of additional rewards, rolled from the Common, Uncommon and Rare loot table. You have 60% chance of rolling an entry from the Common Loot Table, 28% chance to roll an entry from the Uncommon Loot Table, and a 12% chance for the Rare one.

General Loot Table:

100%$50 In-game money
100%2x Common Treasure
100%1x Gold Coin

Common Loot Table:

10%24x Iron Ingot
10%16x Copper Ingot
10%12x Steel Ingot
10%8x Gold Ingot
10%2x Ender Pearl
10%16x Coal
10%2x Diamond
10%2x Emerald
10%2x Slime Ball
10%8x Book

Uncommon Loot Table:

20K2x Glowing Bread
20%4x Enriched Alloy
20%1x Red Heart
10%4x Dark Steel Ingot
10%1x Slime Pearl
10%12x Certus Quartz Ore
5%2x Reinforced Alloy
5%1x Wither Skeleton Skull

Rare Loot Table:

15%4x Vibrant Alloy Ingot
10%32x Certus Quartz Ore
10%1x Iridium Ore
10%1x Fluxed Electrum Ingot
10%16x Fluix Crystals
10%2x Atomic Alloy
10%1x Ichor
10%1x End Steel Ingot
5%$1,000 In-game money
5%1x Nether Star
2%1x Ichorium Ingot
1%1x Angelheart Vial
1%1x Koboldite Ingot
1%1x Elytra


When you reach specific voting milestones, you're rewarded with a large sum of in-game money for reaching these milestones:

# of VotesReward

Known Issues


Wild Bramble does not spread when broken.

Trigger Potions leave Triggered Item invisible after even after the trigger takes place.
This is an exploit and should not be used.

Witchery Altar power may reset when the chunk is unloaded or loaded.

Technical Issues

Client freezes

This is often a sign of you hitting Java GC (garbage collection) too often as a result of not having assigned enough RAM. Essentially it is a process during which temporary data that was loaded into your memory, is flushed again. This process is CPU-intensive. To figure out if this is what is causing your client to freeze:

  • enable in-game metrics by pressing
  • In the top-right corner of your screen, the second line will read something like Mem: 67% 5454/8192MB
  • This percentage will gradually go up, before dropping again, after which it goes up again, this is a never-ending cycle.
  • If the cycle never reaches >92% or higher before dropping, you are most likely fine.
  • If the cycle exceeds >92% before dropping, you will feel your client freezing for a little while, this is the indication you either:

must restart your client because it's been up for too long


must increase the amount of allocated memory by about 1GiB

Invalid session

Failed to login: Invalid session (Try restarting your game and the launcher)

You get this error when you are not properly authenticated with your Minecraft account.
Follow these steps to resolve it:

  1. Click "Back to server list" to see the list of servers in your multiplayer menu
  2. In the top-left corner you will see a ReAuth Login button with a red cross next to it, click the button
  3. A window will open, Check the "Save Profile to Config" checkbox if you wish to do so
  4. Under "Login using a Xbox Account", click on This Device
  5. A browser window will open where you can authenticate with your Microsoft Account, assuming your MC account is linked to Microsoft/Xbox, simply log in, or click on the already signed-in Microsoft account that has your MC account and wait a couple of seconds. ReAuth will authenticate you automatically.
  6. Return back to your client, in the top-left corner you will now see a green checkmark. You're good to go and can join our server to play!

If you don't have ReAuth installed, you can learn more about it here.

or download the Forge version for 1.12.2 directly here and add it to your Mods folder.