Commands for AOF6

Important notice: commands requiring a user must utilize the full player's in-game name, not nicknames.
Nicknames are always preceeded by a '~' sign.
  • Send a player a private message:
    /msg user
  • List your available item kits:
  • Claim a kit:
    /kit claim kitname
  • Send someone money:
    /diamonds send amount player
    /pay amount user
  • Check your balance:
    /diamonds balance
  • Create a new home:
    /sethome name
  • Delete an existing home:
    /delhome name
  • Get a list of all your homes:
  • Teleport to a home:
    /home name
  • Teleport to spawn (safe dimension):
  • Teleport to the Server Guide at spawn:
    /warp guide
  • Teleport to the Shop area
    /warp shops
  • Teleport to a random location in the Overworld:
  • Teleport to the last location you were at before teleporting:
  • Request a TP to another player:
    /tpa user
  • Cancel a TP request to another player:
  • Accept a TPA request from another player, teleporting them to you:
  • Deny a TPA request from another player, teleporting them to you:
  • Request a player to TP to your location:
    /tpahere user
  • Get a list of all existing parties
    /ftbteams list
  • Get party info on yourself
    /ftbteams info
  • Disband your party
    /ftbteams force_disband
  • Send a message to your party
    /ftbteams msg
  • Create a new party:
    /ftbteams party create
  • Add allies to your party:
    /ftbteams party allies add
  • List existing allies:
    /ftbteams party allies list
  • Remove an ally:
    /ftbteams party allies remove
  • Deny a party invite:
    /ftbteams party deny_invite
  • Invite a player to your party:
    /ftbteams party invite user
  • Join a party:
    /ftbteams party join partyname
  • Kick a player from your party:
    /ftbteams party kick user
  • Leave your party:
    /ftbteams party leave
  • Set options for your party:
    /ftbteams party settings option
  • Set options per player in your party:
    /ftbteams party settings_for user option
  • Transfer the party ownership:
    /ftbteams party transfer_ownership user