Rules for AOF6

  1. Respect staff decisions - Raise disagreements in a ticket if need be.
    Refrain from starting an argument in public cha, it will not help your case.
  2. English only in main chat, alternative languages through direct messages are fine.
  3. Don't advertise other servers/games not provided by HaxysHideout.
  4. Hacking, duping, abusing glitches or exploits and bypassing AFK checks is prohibited.
    Breaking this rule may result in an immediate ban with no expiration date.
  5. Permanent chunk loaders/blocks with this feature, are not allowed.
  6. Do not grief admin claims (Spawn and Shop), if you find a way, report it.
    Breaking this rule or withholding this info will result in an immediate ban with no expiration date.
  7. No form of discrimination, xenophobic behaviour, racism, sexism or bigotry is allowed.
  8. Topics such as politics and religion can be divisive, you can discuss these but only in a sensible manner.
  9. Complaints raised against a staff member can only be submitted via ticket.
    A higher ranking staff member will process your complaint. A complainee will never investigate themselves.
  10. Do not spam the Server chat or Discord chat, this includes excessively speaking in all caps.
  11. Report players who break these rules or bypass their punishment.
    Knowingly failing to disclose rule-breaking will result in you being punished as well.
  12. Build rules are real rules, you can be punished if you refuse to follow them.